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What is EasyType French Accents?

EasyType French Accents is a support tool that makes typing French accents simple, comfortable, and quick; just press the same key twice or more to type the accent you want. It works with all Windows applications — just about anywhere you can enter French text. This innovative software is a brand new solution that helps you type in French effortlessly and saves you valuable time.

How is typing with EasyType French Accents better than using numeric Alt codes, changing language settings to French, or getting a new physical keyboard with French or bilingual layouts?

The answer is simple: We believe in comfort and efficiency. Both should go hand in hand. With EasyType French Accents, you keep your eyes on the screen and you focus on your thoughts, not your fingers. This French typing tool spares you the hassles of pressing and holding different keys to type French accents. It also spares you the inconveniences of useless language settings, and complicated layouts on physical French or bilingual (Canadian) keyboards. No more hassles, and keep your current keyboard settings. Just press the same key twice or more to type the French accent you want. It's that simple. Try the free trial version to see for yourself how simple it is to type French accents with EasyType French Accents.

Who developed EasyType French Accents?

Accent Grave Innovations. We are a Canadian company based in Toronto, registered in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Accent Grave Innovations is a company that specializes in developing innovative educational software. Please see our About page for more information.

Is there a tutorial to learn how to use EasyType French Accents?

There is no tutorial or learning curve with this software. To type a French accent, you just need to press the same key twice or more. There isn't anything else to learn, really. EasyType French Accents has been designed so it can be used by people of all ages and typing skills, from schools to higher level institutions and businesses, and it is absolutely the simplest and easiest way currently in the market to type in French.

Where can I use EasyType French Accents?

You can use EasyType French Accents to type French accents in any Windows application where you can enter French text, such as MS word, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google Chat, Skype, blogs, forums, web browsers, spreadsheets, online forms, databases, graphics and multimedia applications, etc.

Who can use EasyType French Accents?

EasyType French Accents can be used by anyone who types in French. Students, professionals, businesses, schools, and institutions of higher education will find this tool extremely helpful as it makes typing in French easy. In addition to elementary and secondary French classrooms, EasyType French Accents is also useful in special education and assistive technology settings.

How does EasyType French Accents benefit students?

EasyType French Accents helps students type in French without the distraction of Alt codes or combinations keys. As typing in French on their English keyboard becomes intuitive and easy, they focus on enhancing the quality of their French writing, rather than pressing awkward key combinations or remembering numeric codes.

What is your refund policy?

We have a full, unconditional 30-day refund policy. We know EasyType French Accents is an exceptional value, therefore we can back it up by an unconditional, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We promise that our software will meet your expectations, and we stand behind that promise with a full 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with EasyType French Accents within 30 days of purchase, simply contact our customer support, and we can try to solve the problem for you, or we can happily issue a prompt and full refund — no questions asked!

Note: Please provide your order number or other identifying information so that we can process your refund promptly. If, at a later date, you decide to purchase EasyType French Accents again we will be delighted to have you as a returning customer!

What is your privacy policy?

We believe very strongly in our customers' right to privacy. Our privacy policy is simple — we do not sell or give your personal information to anyone at any time, ever! We only request information that is necessary to process a request or fulfill your order. Because all credit card payments are processed through PayPal, we will never see or store your credit card information.

I purchased EasyType French Accents several days/weeks ago, but I have not received my registration key. Where is my key?

EasyType French Accents registration keys are automatically generated and e-mailed to customers upon purchase. These e-mails will be coming to you from It generally takes only a few minutes to receive the registration key. If you have not received your registration key within a few minutes, please make sure your spam filter is not blocking messages from or placing them in your junk mail folder. The same applies to general support questions; if you are not receiving replies from us to questions you ask, please check your spam filters and/or junk mail folder to make sure is approved to send you e-mails.

I have just purchased EasyType French Accents. Now what should I do?

If you purchased EasyType French Accents, you will need to register your license so you can use the software. You should have received an e-mail from confirming your payment and providing you with a download link and a registration key. If you have not already installed the software, you need to download and install the software using the provided link.

I have purchased and installed EasyType French Accents. Why do I still have a trial version?

You need to enter the registration key you received in an e-mail from after you purchased EasyType French Accents.

I want to purchase EasyType French Accents, what payment method can I use?

We process all major credit cards through PayPal. PayPal is a secure and free online service that allows you to send payments electronically without any risk to the buyer. Making a purchase through PayPal ensures that we will never see or store your credit card information and that your information is kept safe. There is no need to login or have a PayPal account to make payment.

How do I turn EasyType French Accents ON or OFF?

How do I exit EasyType French Accents?

Can I type French punctuation with EasyType French Accents?

Yes, this program has a feature that allows you to type French punctuation marks according to standard French typography, bringing you a full typing experience in French; and you can turn this feature ON or OFF at your discretion.

Are there detailed instructions on how to use the program?

Yes. There is an extended How it works page accessible from the icon menu:

What are the limitations of the free trial version?

The trial version is a fully-functional version of EasyType French Accents aiming to provide an opportunity to assess its full range of features and benefits hands on. The only limitation on the free trial version is the 7-day trial period.

What happens when the 7-day trial period is over?

Once the 7-day trial period is over, EasyType French Accents stops working. If you would like to continue to use it, go to the Purchase page to buy the software.

How the full product will be delivered to me?

We will send a registration key and instructions to the e-mail address you used when you purchased EasyType French Accents.

Where can I purchase and download EasyType French Accents?

You can purchase and download EasyType French Accents from the Purchase page on our website.

Do you sell your products on CD or DVD?

We distribute our products exclusively through the Internet to reduce costs and keep the product affordable.

How much does EasyType French Accents cost?

EasyType French Accent costs $19.99 USD.

Is it safe to download EasyType French Accents?

Absolutely. It is perfectly safe to download EasyType French Accents. It is a direct download from our site, and we can assert that our programs are absolutely safe to download. We have zero tolerance for spyware, adware, or anything of the sort.

How long is my license good for, and am I entitled to updates?

There are absolutely no time limitations on the purchased license. You can use the product with your purchased license for as long as you wish. You are also entitled to all minor updates at no extra charge.

I have a PC and a laptop. Can I install EasyType French accents on both?

Yes. Under the terms of the License Agreement, you may run and install EasyType French Accents on up to two computers providing those installations are reserved for your own personal use.

Will EasyType French Accents work on a mini-laptop that does not have numeric keypad?

Yes. EasyType French Accents works with all laptops and tablets running Windows, whether or not they have a numeric keypad. If you have a laptop or a tablet that does not have a numeric keypad, EasyType French Accents is the ideal solution for typing French accents.

Will your software slow down my computer?

No. EasyType French Accents is a lightweight software designed to run efficiently and with limited memory; it requires minimal computer resources.

Is there a discount if I purchase multiple licenses?

Yes. We have substantial discounts for corporations and education entities that purchase large numbers of licenses. Please contact us at for volume discounts.

What are the system requirements to use EasyType French Accents?

EasyType French Accents is currently compatible with the following operating systems: